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1-08 (8)


February 18, 1999

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Music is the 8th episode of Elmo's World.

What is Elmo Thinking about Today?


Elmo opens his door and becomes buried under dozens of toy brass instruments.

Mr. Noodle

Dorothy wants to know how you make music with a drum.
Mr. Noodle attempts to play a marching band drum by wearing it on his back. After he finally straps it on properly, he finds that it's difficult to pick up the drum stick. When he finally beats the drum, it makes his body shake all over.

Dorothy Wants to Ask Someone Else


Kids play different types of simple drums, and one boy plays a professional drum set. When Elmo asks a baby, he bangs away on a bowl with a plastic spoon.

Elmo Has a Question for You


Elmo wants to know how many strings a typical guitar has. Of course, a typical guitar has six strings.



Drawer plays some big band music and opens up for Elmo to tell the viewers what else makes music and what doesn't. Trombones do. Boxes don't, unless it's a music box. Birthday cakes don't, but singing "Happy Birthday" is music. Little birds make music, and so do Big Birds.



Some of Elmo's friends in school make their own instruments with ordinary objects. In a rare move for one of Elmo's friend's films, Oscar makes an appearance at the end to smash two trash can lids together.



The Music Channel shows a documentary about the very first music played in the entire world ever. Coming up next: The Music Man, The Sound of Music and Name That Tune.



Elmo talks to an accordion and a clarinet.


Tickle Me Land


Dorothy imagines Elmo in a New Orleans jazz band.

Elmo's Home Video


Elmo has made a video of Herry humming the Elmo's World Theme Song, which Elmo can't help joining in on.


The film scene was cut.


  • This episode can be found on the VHS and DVD of Elmo's World Dancing Music and More
  • The original boing sound in D flat is heard once in the guess what Elmo's thinking about today scene, and 2 times in the interview scene, making it 3 times total, when Elmo opens his door. The 1st time in the interview scene, it is not heard. The ascending and descending slide sound effect is heard 3 times in the interview scene. The updated boing sound in E is only heard once in the interview scene when the door closes. After that, the next time the door closes after the descending slide sound, there are no more sound effects.
  • This is the final episode where Elmo tells the viewers in quizzes.

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Elmo's World Music (Original)