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4-06 (36)


September 3, 2002 (Video)
April 15, 2003 (Television)

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Firefighters is 36th episode of Elmo's World.

What is Elmo Thinking about Today?


Elmo opens the door to two Muppet firefighters (performed by David Rudman and Stephanie D'Abruzzo) and a firetruck. A video montage shows real firefighters and kids playing with fire engines and firefighter gear.

Mr. Noodle

Dorothy has a statue of a firefighter in her fish bowl. She wants to know what firefighters wear to keep safe when they put out fires.
Mr. Noodle's sister, Miss Noodle first dons a football uniform, then a suit of armor, then a firefighter's gear - but then loses control of the fire hose.

Dorothy Wants to Ask Someone Else


Kids model firefighting gloves, coat, and boots. Elmo visits a baby playing with a toy firefighter helmet.

Elmo Has a Question for You


Elmo asks how many firefighters are in a CGI firetruck. There are 12 firefighters plus one elephant hose.

Video Email


Oscar sends an email that is not about firefighters but about making toast - except the toast burns, and Muppet firefighters show up. Oscar had previously caused the same problem in Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Firehouse.



Elmo asks what else can burn you. Birthday cakes can't, but the candles can. Stoves can, so don't touch them. Bowls can't, unless there's hot porridge in them - as pointed out by Baby Bear and The Big Bad Wolf.



Elmo's friend Sabrina practices a fire drill and how to get out of her house safely. Elmo then practices "Get Low and Go."



The Firefighters Channel shows "Mike, the Firefighting Dog". Coming up next: "The Flaming of the Shrew" starring Carol Burnett.



Elmo talks to a real firefighter - Firefighter Richard - and some Muppet firefighters.

Tickle Me Land

Dorothy imagines Elmo as a firefighter rescuing a cat from a tree and helping an Elmo who had a skateboard accident.

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Elmo's World Firefighters (Original)

Elmo's World Firefighters (Original)

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Swiat Elmo Strażacy

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  • This was the first of the two episodes that were released on video before they aired, the second and final episode being Doctors.
  • Goof: The top of Kevin Clash's head can be seen when Elmo kisses the baby with the plastic firefighter helmet.


  • The film scene was cut in international broadcasts.