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3-06 (26)


February 2, 2001

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Birthdays is the 26th episode of Elmo's World.

What is Elmo Thinking about Today?


Elmo sings a few lines of "Happy Birthday to You" ("For She's a Jolly Good Goldfish" on the DVD Version), then opens the door to a pile of gifts and party decorations that fall into the room. A video montage shows children celebrating birthdays.

Mr. Noodle

Dorothy has a birthday cake decoration in her fish bowl. Elmo announces that today is Dorothy's birthday. She wants to know how to wrap a present.
Mr. Noodle's brother Mr. Noodle pulls too much paper off the roll, then too much tape, and finally wraps a gift but tapes his finger to the package.

Dorothy Wants to Ask Someone Else


Kids show Dorothy how they wrap gifts and each conclude by wishing Dorothy a happy birthday. Elmo asks a baby with a gift box and a self-adhesive bow.

Elmo Has a Question for You


Elmo asks the viewer to help him count seven candles on a birthday cake and how many elephants are needed to blow the candle. There was only one elephant because it must be the Elephant's birthday!



Elmo asks questions about what can have birthdays and what can't. Birthday cakes can't, but you can eat a birthday cake at a birthday party. Telephones can't, but you can call to wish someone a happy birthday. Ponies can have birthdays; since they can't eat cake, they can eat a birthday apple. Trash cans can't have birthdays, but Oscar the Grouch can have a birthday in his trash can.

Video Email


Several Muppet fish wish Dorothy a happy birthday.



Elmo's friend Hampton and his dad bake and decorate a birthday cake for Hampton's mom.



The Birthday Channel shows "The Girl Who Loved Birthdays", about a girl that travels around the world to celebrate her friends' birthdays in different countries: Iceland, Mexico, and Israel. Then the girl flew back to Ypsilanti to celebrate her own birthday. Coming up next: Born Free, Born on the 4th of July, and Born Yesterday .



Elmo talks to a gaily decorated birthday cake, "Is it fun being a birthday cake?". The cake responded by saying, "Yes, it's a piece of cake".

Tickle Me Land

Dorothy imagines the day Elmo was born, Elmo blowing out his first birthday candle and pinning the tail on a donkey. This scene is unique in that it features many different Elmo variants all performed by Kevin Clash. Elmo's parents are named after Kevin Clash's parents.

The Birthday Song


Elmo and Birthday Cake sang "Happy Birthday to You" to Dorothy as balloons fell from the sky. In the end, Dorothy wants everyone to sing The Birthday Song.


The quiz scene was cut.

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Sesame Street- Elmo's World - Birthdays

Sesame Street- Elmo's World - Birthdays

The full episode, which was posted on Sesame Street's official YouTube channel.